The CIOB, the world's largest professional body for construction management and leadership sought to engage more effectively and build relationships with the new combined authority mayors in regions across England including: Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, Tees Valley, West Midlands and the West of England.


TFA progressed a series of intense and detailed stakeholder and policy audits to drill-down and identify key regional stakeholder policy influencers including new Mayors and City Regions; LEPs; Chambers of Commerce; Councillors, constituency MPs, and construction industry stakeholders; and to identify relevant emerging regional and mayoral policy themes. Each stakeholder audit report included advice on appropriate engagement activity. TFA also rolled-out a bespoke regional policy and construction industry monitoring service in “real time” that provided alerts on emerging regional policy and construction industry issues and trends.


TFA’s detailed policy audits enabled the CIOB to develop a thorough understanding of the key issues in each region and weave intelligence into their “thought leadership” material and positioning cases studies. Our unique stakeholder target scoring system helped the CIOB to prioritise targets to approach for engagement activity including roundtable events; face-to-face meetings; telephone calls and contact via briefing material; and ensured that CIOB’s internal and external resources were used as effectively as possible.