By Alex Watson | 09 Jun 2017

Snap General Election ends in Hung Parliament

General Election 2017 Results Briefing Paper Snap General Election ends in Hung Parliament 1. Overview Theresa May’s snap General Election gamble to significantly increase her Commons majority backfired spectacularly when last night’s exit poll confirmed that the UK would have its second Hung Parliament in seven years. In a General Election that the Conservatives expected to win a comfortable majority, the results have reflected last night’s exit poll prediction...

By Alex Watson | 31 May 2017

General Election 2017 - Manifesto Briefing Paper 2

Green Party Manifesto – launched Monday 22nd May The Green Party launched their “Green Guarantee” manifesto at a rather low key event on Monday morning, calling for “big, bold ideas” on the environment, education, welfare and the Brexit process. Compared to the launch of their manifesto in 2015, it was a much smaller affair this time around for the Green Party of England and Wales....

By Alex Watson | 19 May 2017

General Election 2017 - Manifesto Briefing Paper 1

2017 General Election  Manifesto Briefing Paper 1  (1)    Conservative Party Manifesto Overview On 18 May, Prime Minister Theresa May presented the Conservative Party’s “Forward, Together” manifesto for “mainstream Britain” that put clear blue water between the Prime Minister and her predecessors. It spoke volumes that the Conservatives chose to release their manifesto in Labour controlled Halifax, albeit with Holly Lynch’s small majority of 428; reinforcing Theresa May’s desire...

By Alex Watson | 22 Nov 2016

Hammond's Big Brexit Budget: What to expect

Hammond's Big Brexit Budget: What to expect Chancellor Phillip Hammond MP will deliver the Autumn Statement on Wednesday 23rd November. The Autumn Statement will detail the Government’s plans for the economy and public finances, based on the Office for Budget Responsibility’s latest forecasts. In advance of the most important statement of his parliamentary career, Philip Hammond said today that the UK’s economy must be “watertight”.Brexit will...

By Alex Watson | 04 Nov 2016

Brexit means...?

On Thursday 3 November, the UK’s High Court ruled that Article 50, the formal process by which the UK can leave the EU, cannot be triggered unless given parliamentary approval. The Government had originally thought it unnecessary for parliamentary approval to be granted because 52 per cent of the voting public had already made the decision that the UK would leave the EU. In...

By Alex Watson | 17 Oct 2016

Party Conference round-up 2016

And so, for another year, party conference season is over. The Scottish National Party conference in Glasgow last week marked the end of another interesting season. In this blog, we summarise the key announcements, events and speeches that have come out of the last few weeks. Labour's conference in Liverpool two weeks ago saw a resurgent Jeremy Corbyn address his party, fresh from re-election, and announce his...

Communities to get nearly £23 million extra funding to have a say in local development, DCLG announces #development #Government #communities

First ever statue of a woman to be erected in #Parliament square: leading suffragist campaigner #MillicentFawcett

RT @haveigotnews: Theresa May and Boris Johnson pictured driving into work this morning.